List of DLC for Hogwarts Legacy

For now we have announced just one DLC which is called “Dark Ark pack”. If this game be successful we could get really a lot of DLC to expand the game. Let’s take a look at what we can expect in the years after Hogwarts Legacy’s release.

For now, we are waiting for further information. That’s why I took the liberty of speculating on DLC that might come in the future.

Which DLC can we look forward to?

🤔 This part is speculation based on experience in gaming industry

I expect that Hogwarts Legacy will get in future more DLCs. Yes for now is hard to predict how will game ends. But world of Harry Potter is big enough to bring a lot of additional content to game. And If I will be product owner of this game I will have these doors open. If this game will be successful.

Triwizard Tournament

From LORE we know that Triwizard Tournament was canceled between 1792 and 1994 after incident when was injured all principals of wizard schools. In wiki I’ve read that there was intentions to resurrect between time. But I don’t know if it is around 1890 which will host timeline of Hogwarts Legacy. It could be an interesting plot that would probably have enough content for DLC.

Other schools

Other European magic schools are big question for me. Another set of DLCs could bring us to Durmstrang Institute or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic where are different types of magic. So there could be some exchange or other storyline with another main character? This could be interesting.

Life after Hogwarts

Studies in Hogwarts has length of 7 years. So there are “two ears” for our main character but what will be after? In Harry Potter world are a lot of magical jobs which should be interesting for some stories. And thanks to which we could look into an even more open world of magic and enchantment.


Base game isn’t be multiplayer game. So there could be one of DLC or expansion which will brings more challenges or co-op mode and some big events. If they could do something like the battle of the Hogwarts, I believe it could be really interesting content for us…

… but there depends on if they can create enough hard/enjoyable events. Maybe in combination with other DLC it will make sense as a whole and be a blast. Either way, playing together with friends could be cool.

Complex Spells

From trailers and gameplay videos we know that spells will be sent by clicking combination on controller. But could be more interesting sending spells by drawing spells with your muse or waving with your controller to send them (depends on platform).


This sports game with brooms won’t be available in base game. So could be question how many other fun things that magicians do in the game won’t be and we have yet to show interest in them. And then they will be added to the game as DLC.

New school year = new DLC

🤔 This part is speculation based on experience in gaming industry

Could be good idea to publish new content based on new school year. If current Hogwarts Legacy will be about student and one year then next content must be somehow mounted on student year based system. And now we don’t talk about

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