List of available spells in Hogwarts Legacy

What would be a game from the world of wizards and magic if there isn’t be spells. From all available informations which I get I’m created list of all spells which will be available in Hogwarts Legacy.

It isn’t definitive I’ll add it after I play the game and go through, but you can already see what we know and what spells will probably be there.

Last update: Jan, 26


It is a shield spell, probably useful in fights, that can protect you from a spell sent by another wizard when he creates a shield around you. It can probably be used for occlumency, but here we don’t know how this direction of magic will be implemented in the game.

Glacio or Glacius

Is freezing spell which could be used to freeze your opponent. In one of trailers we could see that this spell could be used in fihts.


This spell could be used in fights for ignite your opponent. You’ll probably use it on the undead and other black magic monsters.


We should see that this spell open some magic doors in one of trailers. But from books and films about Harry Potter we know about that this spell is used for torture. So It will be advanced spell I think.


This spell will hand you the thing you pointed it at. This spell will be used in solving logic puzzles that Hogwarts will supposedly be full of. You could use this spell to retract other wizard in fights to use other and more “dangerous” spell.

More about Accio in Hogwarts Legacy


This spell will be used in fights to pick up and then slam the enemy to the ground.

More informations about Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy

Petrificus Totalus

This spell will be used in fights I think or in “stealth” mode which will be in this game. It could well used on other wizards when they didn’t find you yet.

More informations about Petrificus Totalus in Hogwarts Legacy


This spell is one of the good spells. And you can expect to be able to fix some broken things with Reparo. In one of the gameplay shots, we saw that they used it to repair a bridge.

Avada Kedavra

The last one spell is Avada Kedavra which kill your opponent. It will be good to watch how this spell will works in Hogwarts Legacy because we know that this spell isn’t something you’d like to use. Some sources say that this spell won’t be available in main storyline. And you must do some side quests after you finish game.

How many spells will be in Hogwarts Legacy?

Some sources are saying that there will around 20 basics spells. But in mine opinion there will be more spells and I’m waiting around 30 – 50 spells. One of the game’s features will even allow you to combine different spell effects to create new spells that can be used to customize your fighting style.

Do you know about more spells?

Contact me on team (at) mugglegamer (dot) com and I will add spells which you finded to this list.

This isn’t definitive spell list I will extend it by time.

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