Professors in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts school of magic and we are students. So there must be professors which will teach us in classes. There is professors list which will be in Hogwarts Legacy game. Professors will be important for your personal development so don’t ignore them.

In Hogwarts Legacy classes will be optional if they won’t be in main story-line. But you could miss some information which you could use in later phases so it will be good to be at classes to get all information. The developers hint that you won’t be able to go back to some classes after you move in the story. So in worst case you may not learn some useful spells, and you’ll have to help yourself another way.

All informations are based on published posts on Twitter.

Matilda Weasley

Type of teacher: Transfiguration

🪄 Talented witch

🪄 Cursebreaker for the Ministry

🪄 Extraordinary wandwork

🪄 Slightly intimidating

🪄 Well-respected Deputy Headmistress

🪄 Helps player in starting phases

For players will be important because will show us Wizard’s Field Guide which will be our useful partner in word of Hogwarts Legacy and she will introduce us to Room of Requirement. For the question yes she is ancestor of Ron Weasley. You should see erb of Gryffindor and typical read hair.

Dianah Hecat

Type of teacher: Defense against the dark arts

🪄 stern but likeable

🪄 teaching quite seriously

🪄 successful career with the Ministry of Magic (Department of Mysteries)

🪄 hands-on teaching method satiates

Defense against the Dark Arts will be important in Hogwarts Legacy because these times aren’t as peaceful as the later world as we know it from books or movies. It’s important to take her classes and be prepared for what’s waiting for you outside.

Eleazar Fig

Type of teacher: Magical theory

🪄 follow his wife Miriam around world

🪄 left her to continue on her own while he took on the job of Magical Theory professor

🪄 Fig felt responsible because he was not there where Miriam was killed

🪄 knowledgeable professor

Eleazar will be important professor for students and for us. He will helps us during the trials which are inside or outside of walls. It is to be expected that some friendships will be built here and that this teacher will be very important for us to understand the circumstances of the magical world.

Aesop Sharp

Type of teacher: Potions

⚗️ successful career as an Auror

⚗️ sharing his experience from working at Ministry

⚗️ genuine pride in students who excel

⚗️ not easily impressed

He is an experienced teacher who was forced to teach when he was injured as a Auror. Probably in side quest will teach us important potions for fighting. We can expect his hours to be tough, but if he endears himself to the players he will move us through the game quickly.

Mirabel Garlick

Type of teacher: Herbology

🌸 grew up in a household of Muggles

🌸 feel at home at Hogwarts since studies

🌸 flowery language charm

🌸 never leave her students

Plants are a good help in the fight against black magic. You’ll probably have to establish a relationship with them just for the potions involved. In the trailers and gameplay footage we can see that plants can help us in defense and offense. And the classes/greenhouse shots look really beautiful.

Abraham Ronen

Type of teacher: Charms

🪄 perpetual twinkle in his eyes

🪄 developed a passion for games of all form

🪄 friendships are important like charms

🪄 unorthodox teaching with games

His classes are easier from our point of view because he teaches first years. But since our character doesn’t arrive at Hogwarts until his fifth year, it makes sense that we’d take this class. We’ll learn all the basic spells. Classes will probably be required.

Satyavati Shah

Type of teacher: Astronomy

🪄 Came from muggle family.

🪄 Focused on science

🪄 Easily carried away

🪄 Speaks directly and honestly

From information which we has we could say that astronomy classes will be really rare. So watch out for them and as soon as one appears / will be approaching so be prepared. It is possible that once you miss a class you will never get it again.

Prof. Onai

Type of teacher: Divination

🪄 Teacher from Uagadou

🪄 Excellent gifts of foresight

🪄 Well respected seer

She is mother of Natsai Onai, which should be your main optional companion, and which came with her mother to Hogwarts after she (Prof. Onai) predicted her husband’s death. She will teach in Divination class in the Divination Tower where she teaching magic using only fingers and other gestures. It can be assumed that it will be important for side quests.

Other professors

For these professors I’m waiting for more informations.

  • Cuthbert Binns – History of Magic
  • Ernesto Jags – care of magical creatures
  • Chiyo Kogawa – flying
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