Chamber of Secrets and Basilisk in Hogwarts Legacy

There is one big question around Hogwarts Legacy will be there Chamber of Secrets with Basilisk or not? Basilisk as magic creature we know well from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Where Lord Voldemort used his Horcrux (diary) to bully students who were from Muggle families.

In one of the leaks on reddit…

Chamber of Secrets and Basilisk won’t be in Hogwarts Legacy

… was written that the developers decided to include this part of the castle. On the one hand, I understand that you might think that’s not a good choise. But from world LORE and how an RPG should work from a player’s character perspective, you shouldn’t know anything about the place.

And theoretically, one could speculate that this chamber could be encountered. But if you decided to fight Basilisk and killed him. Then what happened later in the Harry Potter world wouldn’t make sense.

This would negate the following plot and nothing would make sense. That way everything would still make sense relatively after the player. There could be Lord Voldemort, the first wizarding war, and then the Harry Potter years.

Don’t be sad, I’m sure it will be a hit even without Chamber of Secrets and Basilisk

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