Can you be evil in Hogwarts Legacy?

When I was on reddit groups about Hogwarts Legacy I seen great meme. But there is question if there will be choice to be evil wizard. Bellow is meme and response for your question and some tips and hints for me.

From RPG point of view or in LORE point of view I thinking that you cannot be too “evil” as creator of meme above thinks. You cannot be than evil like Voldemort or Grindelwald because you aren’t main evil character in HP LORE.

But in other way I think that there will be a lot of space to make goodness or badness choices. You could make some badness choices with your companions. In Hogwarts Legacy will be curse Crucio.

Some sources say that you cannot use Avada Kedavra in main story line – but we will see after will be game available. Probably there will be some YouTubers which will try to broke the game and I’m sure we’ll see some creative attempts to break the game.

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