Reviews of Hogwarts Legacy

For now we donโ€™t have any review of Hogwarts Legacy. But when they will be available you could find aggregation of all reviews here. We will find all of reviews which will be relevant and we will link from this page.

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List of reviews:

Iโ€™m waiting for the first reviews.

YouTube reviews:

Iโ€™m waiting for the first YouTube reviews.

You could submit reviews โ€“ if you find someone then you could write me:
team (at) mugglegamer (dot) com

When will be first reviews?

As I mention above we are waiting for first reviews. For now I donโ€™t know when will be embargo date. But I speculate that embargo will be released around Feb 3, 2023. More about important dates you could find in mine another article.

Reviews ideas?

If you will reviewing Hogwarts Legacy. There could be some useful tip for you. You could review this game in โ€œtandemโ€ of fur people. Everyone will play on different house so all you four could have different feels and in your review you could have unique point of view about Hogwarts Legacy.

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