Descendo in Hogwarts Legacy

After articles about spells in Hogwarts egacy there is article about fighting spell which you should use in in hard fights which will wait for you in Hogwarts Legacy dungeons.

Let’s take look on Descendo – the falling charm I will show you how this spell looks, where/when you will get it and how to use it.

Who and where will teach Descendo

I’m thinking that falling charm – Descendo will teach us Dianah Hecat because this spell could be good in defense to intimidate the opponent. but we until game will be open for us to get more details.

I will gradually add more information when will be available. In case you want more spells from Hogwarts Legacy you could continue to mine list. If you have more infomations about spell than me – let me know at mine e-mail team (at) mugglegamer (dot) com and I will update article recently.

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