All Hogwarts Legacy trailers

You don’t want to look for all single trailers about Hogwarts Legacy? Then welcome in mine article about all important Hogwarts Legacy trailers. You will get all of them in one place for you.

Oficial cinematic Trailer:

Time published: 18.1.2023

Latest available cinematic trailer – for me isn’t look that this trailer is in-game. But you can absorb the atmosphere of Hogwarts Legacy. You could see some fantastic beasts, professors, places in Hogwarts…

If you want more of atmosphere of game
you could play ASMR videos from Hogwarts Legacy.

Game Trailer from Gamescom 2022

Time published: August 2022

This trailer was on Gamescom conference on end of August 2022. We could see inside this trailer more “dark” side of this Game. Trailer isn’t in-game is more pre-rendered.

Official Reveal Trailer

Time published: 2 year ago

This was first trailer of Hogwarts Legacy. We should see that this game is set in history and that everything is much more wild than the Harry Potter world we know from the books and films.

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