How I could make/send spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

From gameplay videos we should know how will look spellcasting in Hogwarts Legacy. From our available spells list we know that in Hogwarts Legacy will be around 20 spells. Let’s take look how you could charm.

Before published videos I was speculate how game developers make spells. There are two ways. One is more “old-school” and complex in which you could make spells with moving of your rotary stick or mouse in case you play on PC.

Second way is more classing for console players which is used in more known games like Assassin Creed where you could setup some “hotkeys” and you will make combos by rushing buttons. From image bellow we could see that there will be four slots for spells

How will look spell making in Hogwarts Legacy

… and this spells could be selected to this slots by choosing them in detailed menu.

Which we should see on one of leaks which was on Reddit.

Choosing spells which you should use

After sending spells you will be available in fights using potions or other nonMagic things like rocks on herbs. Probably there could be some fast settings which you could use to switch faster your spells settings from stealth to fight mode.

It could be good question if will be game “paused” when you change your spells. But I thing that this must work for you. I think that developers make good choice when they use this more “console” approach. And while it may be criticized in reviews, I still think it’s a good way to reach the masses.

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