Which house chose to play in Hogwarts Legacy?

This could be good question for Hogwarts Legacy players. In Hogwarts are 4 houses where you could play. I think you know all of them (if not I will introduce quick them later). We know that some in-game thing/progress could be different in different houses I think so which house use first?

There are two way which could helps you:

  • Use Pottermore (Wizarding World) house test to get sorted.
  • Or use houses depending on how likeable they are to you.

There are also way to play game in all houses (yes play the game 4x) and with every character play as different student type. For me this will be best way how to play. Because fans of this website will need tips.

Or the last way how to chose your house could be look on common rooms videos and pick the one you like best. For me first house will be Ravenclaw 🦅💙.

But if you don’t still know which house you could chose. There are some key informations about every house which are available in Hogwarts.


  • Known for bravery and courage
  • Values bravery, nerve, and chivalry
  • Strong sense of loyalty
  • Willingness to stand up for what is right
  • Strong sense of community and deep friendships
  • Emphasis on being the best version of oneself
  • Emphasis on making a difference in the world and being part of something greater than oneself.


  • Known for hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play.
  • Value loyalty, fairness, patience and dedication
  • Known for being kind, friendly and accepting of others
  • Emphasis on teamwork and collaboration
  • Strong sense of community and deep friendships
  • Emphasis on being dependable and putting in the effort to achieve goals
  • Emphasis on being fair, honest and just in actions.


  • Known for intelligence, wisdom, creativity and wit.
  • Values intelligence, knowledge, wit and creativity
  • Known for being independent thinkers and for valuing learning and education
  • Emphasis on intellectual growth and personal development
  • Strong sense of community and deep friendships
  • Emphasis on being curious, open-minded and seeking knowledge
  • Emphasis on being original, unorthodox and open to new ideas


  • Known for ambition, cunning, resourcefulness, and determination
  • Values ambition, resourcefulness, determination, and leadership
  • Known for being strategic thinkers and for valuing power and success
  • Emphasis on personal ambition and achieving one’s goals
  • Strong sense of community and deep friendships
  • Emphasis on being ambitious, resourceful, and determined
  • Emphasis on being strategic, calculating, and willing to do what it takes to succeed.
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