Connecting Wizarding World to Hogwarts Legacy why and how?

Every Potter fan probably has account on Pottermore which was renamed Wizarding World. On this project you could have your Potter avatar where you could pass test to Hogwarts houses or which will be your wand…

… there are “most accurate tests” which will meet books. Because on this project J.K. Rowling was collaborating I mean. So let’s look what is available here and how to use it in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you create account on Wizarding World you could see this banner…

Banners teasing on house and wand connection
and get more accurate HL experience

… which you follow this guide then you will get test on house. Where with easy question you will be sorted to best house in Hogwarts for you.

Basic questions in house sorting

Alternative ways to select your house.

After this quiz you should go virtually to “Ollivanders Wand Shop” where the right wand will find you after another simple questions. There is more space for you in responses.

Multiple choice questions for find best wand for you

After this you get your wand. You could make test to find your best patrone. But this isn’t essential for using it in Hogwarts Legacy.

What I get in Wizarding World?

  • I was sorted to Ravenclaw.
  • My wand is Cherry wood with a phoenix core 12 ¼” and quite bendy flexibility

So if I want be accurate and play in Hogwarts Legacy as me – Martin. Then I will link these accounts bellow and I think that I could play as I.

The last step is connect your accounts.
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