Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy

From trailers and gameplays we should know that room of requirement will be important to us. Yes of course there are common rooms of your house. But this room will be more important to you because this will be you “safe place” where you could improve yourself. Let’s take look what could be inside of Room of Requirement.

What’s purpose of Room of Requirement?

Room of Requirement will be your safehouse where you could develop your character. There you will be probably alone, and you’ll be all the more able to customize everything. Room of Requirement will be one piece of Hogwarts just for you. 🙂

Safe house

On image bellow you could see how could look your safe house in late phases of game. You could build lot of things from resources which you find around the open world. For now we can be sure that in your room of requirement you will come across:

  • place for planting plants
  • loom for making clothes
  • place to create potions
  • greenhouse with room for fantastic beasts
  • fertilizer to make own fertilizes
How could your Room of Requirement looks

I don’t know If you could bring some of your companions to your safe houses. In one of trailers we could see that you will be in this room with house elf. About other students we don’t know. Personally I think that there will your companions could came to your safehouse.

Potion stand

One important place in your Room of Requirement will be potion stand. Potions are important parts in magic world so your probably must take care about this topic. We could see that there are some levels we could see some different looks…

How could looks potion stands in room of requirements

… your own potion could make difference in fights or in quests. So you’ll want to make sure you don’t fall behind in that regard, you’ll want to take potion classes, and you’ll probably want to make friends with the teacher Aesop Sharp.

Going to class can get you bonuses.
Take a look at the individual professors.


Plants could be used in fights which we could see in trailers. Or they could be used in making potions. Probably there could be more way where could be used plants

Potting station for planting plants

On one of images we could see that you collect fruits/leaves of the plant and after that start counting to time when you could harvest thing again…

Some things takes time in your room of requirements

… this could be bad news and could lead to “micro-transactions”. From developers information we know that this won’t be way in which game will develops. So stay calm we must just wait and this make sense.


The last big thing is greenhouse, which you will probably get when you progress through the game. This greenhouse will have the same function as the gnome’s briefcase from Fantastic Beasts.

There will be plains on which you will be able to build a little house or you could take care of magical animals that you will encounter during your story.

Inside of your greenhouse could be your small cottage
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