⚗️ Potions list in Hogwarts Legacy

After spells there will be another important thing which will be potions. Your potions professor will be Aesop Sharp and if you will be successful in potions it could be good boost in fights or in stealth. Let’s take look on potions which will be available in Hogwarts Legacy.

Probably this isn’t definitive list. I will gradually expand it as I meet more and more potions.

Edurus Potion

With this potion you will get “rocks layer/skin” and you will be more durable in combats. You could survive a spell hit and if you choose to counterattack immediately you can win easier/faster.

Recipe for Edurus Potion:

  1. one batch of Ashwinder eggs
  2. one piece of Mongrel Fur

Bellow you could see video how is Edurus potion maded:

Invisibility Potion

This potion could be good to stealth because you will be invisible for some seconds. So you could to get somewhere quickly and undetected. If you prefer to play stealth so pay attention when you learn this potion.

Wiggenweld Potion

This is healing potion which is well known from other Harry Potter LORE games. Probably is your partner for fights if you get some kind of heavy hit. You’ll replenish your health faster, heal your wounds and be able to continue the fight. I suppose there’ll be an infirmary for the worst wounds, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Recipe for Wiggenweld Potion:

  1. one drop of horklump juice
  2. one batch of dittany leaves

Bellow you could see video how is Wiggenweld potion maded:

Maxima Potion

This potion probably helps you to maximize your spells. Probably this potion will be good in vicious and complex battles that will await you.

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