Common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

We know that for you will be important Room of Requirement but another important room will be common room of your house. In this room you could meet your friends from your house…

… we know that in every common room will be some items with which you could interact. Common rooms meets LORE which you know from books about Harry Potter. For example to Gryffindor common room you must go thro drawing with Fat Lady. If we will talk about Slytherin then you must go into the cellar.

Every house in Hogwarts is different which you could see on videos bellow. But there is one thing which will unite all of them which is Fireplace. So bellow you could see detail of common rooms and fireplaces to get the vibe.

Gryffindor Common Room

Slytherin common room

Ravenclaw Common Room

Hufflepuff Common Room

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