Music and soundtrack for Hogwarts Legacy

We still don’t have available soundtrack for Hogwarts Legacy but we get “small tasting” in the form of a video where we could see some parts of soundtrack which is called “Overture to the Unwritten”…

… on video bellow you could listen this masterpiece. Listen carefully and you might hear some parts of the Harry Potter movies…

For more videos and soundtrack we waiting now. It’s normal that soundtrack is available 14 days before game release so we’ll see if we get it early or have to wait until launch. The soundtrack is key in this type of game in my opinion. And especially if we’re talking about the Harry Potter world where it’s been absolutely phenomenal since the first movies.

I like the idea that the creators approached the tune and the fact that they tried to think about what the music would have been like 100 years before Harry Potter and Hedwig’s Theme. Actually, I thought of it before I started researching the origins and other information.

I think that I didn’t match all information but from video above there are parts which symbolize soundtracks from Harry Potter 1:32 – 1:57 and 2:15 – 2:40 sounds for me familiar.

Who is working on music for Hogwarts Legacy?

“Overture to the Unwritten” features a 54 piece Orchestra and Choir with members from University of Utah, BYU, Salt Lake Symphony, Local Studio Musicians and featuring Renowned Recording Artists Nicole Pinnell, Nicole Klossner, Ryan Shupe, Abe Kaelin, Bart Olson, John Knudsen, and Dune Moss.

And there is video how is music made for new Hogwarts Legacy:

What is ambivalent Hogwarts Legacy music?

Thats music which is sounds like Hogwarts Legacy music but is compiled (linked) from other music. You could see a lot of videos on YouTube about this music which combine music from Harry Potter and other orchestras.

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