ASMR from Hogwarts Legacy

This is great idea which was developers of Hogwarts Legacy for us fans of this game we get ASMR videos where are only sounds of game. We make list of all of them so sit down and let’s get to it.

Late Winter Afternoon [ASMR]

Date published: 19.1.2022

Latest and I think really last is ASMR from winter afternoon. Views of the snowy landscape, Hogwarts, the Great Hall and the dark night. That’s what this ASMR was hiding.

Calm Autumn Morning [ASMR]

Date published: 24.11.2022

Landscape, forests, villages and ruins are shown in this ASMR videos from Hogwarts Legacy. As other there isn’t “harmful sound sources” and it’s a beautiful autumn ASMR.

Hot summer day [ASMR]

Date published: 18.8.2022

On this video we should see a some landscape parts and a lot of water.

Rainy Spring Night

Date published: 18.5.2022

On this video we should see some part of Hogwarts castle outside and we should see some part from Hogsmeade. Main topic is raining so let’s enjoy…

Will be more ASMR from Hogwarts Legacy?

Is is question if will be more ASMR from Hogwarts Legacy. For now we have 4 videos which shows the four seasons and probably we are at the end of this series. But I think that there could be two more parts since old consoles release on Apr 4 which will contains:

  • ASMR from Hogwarts Inside castle
  • ASMR from London

Have you ever seen all trailers for Hogwarts Legacy?

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