What’s pre-order bonus in Hogwarts Legacy

Just 19 days since will be Hogwarts Legacy released on main platforms. And you still have time to “pre-order” game and get bonuses. What is inside pre-order bonus? Is it valuable or would you rather wait for the reviews?

For all: Onyx Hippogriff Mount

One pre-order bonus is Onyx Hippogriff as your mount or you could use broomsticks as well. Hippogriff is combination of horse and griff (eagle) and hase big wings. Probably his will helps you when you will be in trouble but this is speculation…

(from official website)

… to make decision if you want to get Hippogriff or not you could watch this video bellow where is shown how looks flying in the game engine and how looks differently on your broom and Hippogriff…

… probably there still be space to combine. You could use broom for some “flys” and for some quests you could use Hippogriff so. It’s on you.

PlayStation pre-order: Felix Felicis potion recipe

Another pre-order bonus which will be available only when you do PlayStation pre-order is Felix Felicis Potion recipe. This Potion is well known from Harry Potter storyline when Harry uses it to get very lucky and get close to Horace Slughorn.

Probably in Hogwarts Legacy will be place/time when could be good to know how to make Felix Felicis potion. Probably you could use it more time to get lucky. But if you don’t have this “pre-order” bonus I think that in game will be another ways how to get this recipe.

Where to pre-order Hogwarts Legacy?

If you want pre-order Hogwarts Legacy then you could go to official website. Click on pre-order button in right top corner. And then you could select your version…

… after select your version you could select platform on which you want play. And then you will get some places where to buy the game. Or else you could use this quick links for you to directly to official stores:

If you want play on other devices likes PS4 or Xbox One then you must wait until there will be game available. I think you could still pre-order game but you will wait until Apr 4, 2023

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